Jeremy has a passion for navigation, exploration, adventure, natural resources, wildlife biology, ecology, social responsibility, and environmental justice. In his personal time, he enjoys dancing, cooking, hiking, mountain biking, skiing, snowboarding, and celebrating mother earth.

Relinquish the computer — make, create, analog, solve, grit, and form.

Jeremy W. Goldsmith is a Geographer and Cartographer. He first had the idea of “pyro globes” after admiring a variety of analog—tactile mapping projects across the world and through his curiosity of working with wood as a medium.

Professionally, Jeremy works as a Cartographer for National Geographic Maps in Colorado, USA. His GIS, Cartography, and mapping experience has been centered around clean, clear, detailed, and informative maps. His freelance work has appeared in a variety of publications including ProPublica, The New York Times, National Geographic, and for various authors, publishers, and researchers worldwide.